ECO Thermal Clothes for Kids



Thermo clothes is made of modern textile which ingredients ensure maximal performance of thermoregulating function – to keep warm and to absorb wetness.

Textile consists of 3 different kinds of fibre - polypropylene (34 %), polyester (60,2 %), spandex (5,8 %). For the lowest layer of textile which is in contact with human body polypropylene fibres are used ensuring the maximal absorbation of wetness from the body, thereby providing a maximal comfort to the underwear wearer.

Polypropylene fibre has its registered trademark – DreamFel. It ensures the highest ability in comparison with other natural and artificial fibre materials.

Woven fiber


Polypropylene fiber, which provides maximum moisture draining from the body, thus giving the wearer maximum comfort underwear.


Fibers are elastic, plastic, very durable, they are not damaged by microorganisms. Polyester fabric is strong and easy. They retain their shape, crease, the light and heat resistant. Does not require special maintenance.


Fiber is smooth, light and soft. Products are breathable, flexible and well-washable.