ECO Thermal Clothes for Kids


Thermoregulating clothing

Thermoregulation is the mechanism that ensures optimal temperature for the vital processes in human body, regardless of temperature fluctuations in the environment.

The consistency between heat generation and heat return ensures the constancy of body t °.

One of the most important microclimate factors that dramatically affects the human body is the atmospheric temperature, and therefore its fluctuations considerably influence the temperature of human body and the thermoregulation of human organism.

Proper choice of clothes is crucial for maximal comfort to their wearer.

Oeko-Tex® Standart 100 certificate

Tests were made for ThermoKid thermo underwear for children in the International Association for Research and Testing of Ecology Branch Textiles „HOHENSTEIN” (www.hohenstein.de) Permit was granted for the goods produced by ThermoKid in accordance with the Standard Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 for the use of Oeko-Tex® trademark. Testing results acknowledge that thermo underwear produced by ThermoKid complies with the human-ecology requirements provided by the Standard which currently is established for the products for babies. Certified products comply with the requirements of XVII attachment to REACH Regulation (also regarding the application of azo dyes, nickel and other substances), as well as the requirement applicable in the States in regards to the total weight amount in the products for children (CPSIA, except the products made of glass).

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